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Strawberry Power Up Pre-Workout (12-Pack)

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Power Up gets you going and keeps you going

Fuel your performance with Power Up pre-workout gummies. Controlled-release carbohydrates boost and prolong energy levels, and the blend of active ingredients helps jump-start your workout to keep you going stronger longer. These gummies are easily digestible and won’t upset your stomachs like other chews and gels. Power Up and get more out of your training with the right fuel.


  • Complementary carbohydrate complex rapidly raises and sustains energy
  • Controlled-release caffeine raises and sustains mental focus
  • Vitamin B complex boosts performance
  • Ginseng improves endurance
  • BCAA blend reduces muscle soreness and speeds recovery
  • Prebiotics prevent gut rot typical of other energy chews and gels
  • All Energon Qube products are 100% vegan