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New RIMSports Weight Lifting Hooks Heavy Duty Lifting Wrist Straps

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Original price $ 86.00
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  • RIMSports weight lifting straps hooks are made with premium materials that have been tested under extreme conditions. Our weight lifting straps for men and women are the ideal fitness wrist hooks for the deadlifts, pull-ups, rowing, lat pull-down!
  • With padded wrist straps and a metal hook, these weight lifting wrist straps allow you to lift heavier weights with more reps. They are perfect power weight lifting hooks because our bar grip hooks will hold their shape even while lifting heavy barbells or doing pull-ups on a chin-up bar.
  • These power weight lifting hooks would be the best choice if you were looking for some heavy-duty straps to help you surpass your current weight and reps! The wrist wraps neoprene material contours around your wrist, allowing for a more comfortable workout. That is why RIMSports wrist wraps with hooks will help take the pressure off your palms and increase your lifting capacity.